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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Basset Hound that Changed the World? Is it possible?

Yes!  That's me!  Martha - The Basset Hound that Changed the World!  You are probably wondering how a DOG could change the world...but anything is possible. 

Early in my life it was apparent that I have a special gift.  I can make anyone smile, feel good for just a moment, and even take the breath of a few away.  I am filled with love, do not judge and want to simply bring a little happiness to all.  I am blessed as the new Hush Puppy and Tommy Hilfiger Mascot so people laugh and smile daily when they see my commercials & pictures.  My plans are much bigger than that though.

First, I have recently been accepted to the Good Dog Foundation to become a Therapy Dog!  I can't wait to be able to help those in need!!  As soon as school begins in January I will blog about my experiences.

Next, it is my opnion that NO HUMAN should be without the love and companionship of an animal,  no matter what their circumstance.  To help those who encountered tough times this recession, I am helping organize pet food drives to help

Finally, it is so important that animals who cannot care for themselves, who have been abused, neglected & escaped the meat industry have a place to go.  So I will help sponsor animals, sanctuary's and pet rescues.

Through my work, charitable contributions, and life experiences I hope that everyone's day is a little brighter and the smiles more plentiful.  May others learn by example the more you give, the more you get.  Share, be kind and love one another,

-Martha, the Basset Hound that Changed the World.

Monday, May 16, 2011

So many tasks, so little time, what is a Basset Hound to do?

Hi everyone!

As you all know, I have been exceptionally busy.  It was my first birthday a few weeks ago, and to celebrate, my guardians took me on a beach vacation!  Wow! I never realized how much fun sand, ocean waves and running all over unsuspecting humans blankets could be!  Before Memorial Day Virginia Beach is open for all dogs to run free and enjoy!  Glorious! Here are some pictures of my fabulous trip

Martha's Beach Pics

I am looking forward to spending many wonderful hot days at the nudey beach at field 5 at Robert Moses State Park.  Dogs are free to roam year round at the nudey section of the beach :o) those pics might be too wild to post though!

Until next time.
Nap in the sun, take long walks and lick a person in the face :o)))


Friday, April 29, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger and the New York Times!

Happy Birthday to me! I will be ONE YEAR old this Sunday May 1, and I have already been featured in the New York Times Style section! Amazing!  I guess I am really cute :o)

Here is the article.  You can see me in the internet slide show as I prep and shoot for Hush Puppy.

NY Times Slide Show

New York Times Article mentioning me & my guardian!

Last week I was asked to appear and do a 2 days photshoot for Tommy Hilfiger.  The shoot was on a fabulous farm on Long Island.  There were horses, chickens, 100 acres of green lawn.  I was beside myself.  Hot men, kids running and playing every where.  it was a miracle I was able to pull it together.  I got the shoot done, wowed the world with my fabulousness and then the New York Times wrote me up.

Amazing.  Life is grand.  Preppig for my Therapy Dog Test tomorrow, my big birthday bash and recovering from my vacation on the beach...I will tell you about it all in my next post. Until then, smell the air, nap in the sun and lick a stranger in the face.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Am I a Star?

Ok - so I am only 11 months old and yesterday was my first big photoshoot.  9 hours shooting for the Hush Puppy Spring line.  I am exhausted, laying on the couch, chewing a cow knuckle, using the last bit of energy I have to dictate this blog post to ensure you all get updated on my life.  I participated in 7 seperate photoshoots yesterday, followed by short video reels for one of the best shoe companies around - Hush Puppies!  In between shoots, I was able to find some time to talk to the NY Times reporters and pose for some pics for a possible write up in the Sunday Style section too.  I can tell you now, I know this is going to be a busy life I am going to lead......

For those of you who don't know me, I am Martha, the Basset Hound from Queens.  I am a lucky girl who was able to locate a great guardian.  To show my gratitude for my amazing home, great looks and sparkling personality, I have made it my mission to share my gifts with others and help make the world a better place to live. 

This is my story:

I started training immediately by my Breeder, Rich.  Then at 12 weeks, Becky, my adoptive guardian started me with It's a Dog's Life NY, Elena Gretch to ensure my puppy skills were fine tuned.  I learned how to walk on a leash, how to potty outside, and the basic life skills necessary to live amonst humans.  At 7 months, I was accepted into the Intermediate Training course at Pawsitive Dog Training in Ozone Park Queens.  As I entered advanced training, I was discovered by Master Trainer John.  He works closely with my Agent Nancy at All Tame Animals, and suggested she consider me for the Hush Puppy gig, as he knew they were scouting for just the right pup.  Needless to say, Nancy is now my agent, Master John is now my trainer, and I am the Hush Puppy.

After careful thought, I decided to make use of my fame and help others in need.  After long discussions, I have now been asked to be the Fundrasing Ambassador to Bobbi & the Strays.  A position I plan on taking very seriously.  I will not only help raise money for this amazing charity that helps rescue homeless and abused animals, I will donate a large part of my profit from media appearances to the cause.  You can find my fundraising page by clicking the widget on the right side of this blog.  I will donate as soon as my paycheck comes in from the Hush Puppy gig.

I am also proud to announce that on May 1, I will be taking my Therapy Dog test.  This will certify that I am able to enter into hospitals, nursing homes and the like & help spread happiness, smiles and love all around, especially to those who need it most. 

This blog will be a great way for me to share my journey through life here on earth with you all.  Please use me as an example - that we ALL can make a difference in the world.....

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill, 11/30/1874 - 01/24/1965
British politician and Nobel Prize Laureate