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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Basset Hound that Changed the World? Is it possible?

Yes!  That's me!  Martha - The Basset Hound that Changed the World!  You are probably wondering how a DOG could change the world...but anything is possible. 

Early in my life it was apparent that I have a special gift.  I can make anyone smile, feel good for just a moment, and even take the breath of a few away.  I am filled with love, do not judge and want to simply bring a little happiness to all.  I am blessed as the new Hush Puppy and Tommy Hilfiger Mascot so people laugh and smile daily when they see my commercials & pictures.  My plans are much bigger than that though.

First, I have recently been accepted to the Good Dog Foundation to become a Therapy Dog!  I can't wait to be able to help those in need!!  As soon as school begins in January I will blog about my experiences.

Next, it is my opnion that NO HUMAN should be without the love and companionship of an animal,  no matter what their circumstance.  To help those who encountered tough times this recession, I am helping organize pet food drives to help

Finally, it is so important that animals who cannot care for themselves, who have been abused, neglected & escaped the meat industry have a place to go.  So I will help sponsor animals, sanctuary's and pet rescues.

Through my work, charitable contributions, and life experiences I hope that everyone's day is a little brighter and the smiles more plentiful.  May others learn by example the more you give, the more you get.  Share, be kind and love one another,

-Martha, the Basset Hound that Changed the World.


  1. I LOVE MARTHA! She is the cutest basset ever! No wonder she is finding so much SUCCESS, she spreads so much love everywhere she goes! She is making the world a brighter and kinder place! YAY MARTHA!

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