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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger and the New York Times!

Happy Birthday to me! I will be ONE YEAR old this Sunday May 1, and I have already been featured in the New York Times Style section! Amazing!  I guess I am really cute :o)

Here is the article.  You can see me in the internet slide show as I prep and shoot for Hush Puppy.

NY Times Slide Show

New York Times Article mentioning me & my guardian!

Last week I was asked to appear and do a 2 days photshoot for Tommy Hilfiger.  The shoot was on a fabulous farm on Long Island.  There were horses, chickens, 100 acres of green lawn.  I was beside myself.  Hot men, kids running and playing every where.  it was a miracle I was able to pull it together.  I got the shoot done, wowed the world with my fabulousness and then the New York Times wrote me up.

Amazing.  Life is grand.  Preppig for my Therapy Dog Test tomorrow, my big birthday bash and recovering from my vacation on the beach...I will tell you about it all in my next post. Until then, smell the air, nap in the sun and lick a stranger in the face.



  1. Martha, i live in Berlin Germany. We will have a basset girl next spring. I am so excited :)
    I saw the hilfiger pop ups here in Berlin at the hilfiger shops. I googled basset + hilfiger and there you are ;))

  2. That is so awesome WinWin!! Congrats on the new addition of a Basset to your family. There is no love like that of a Basset!! Enjoy her!